Time to start blogging again! :-)

If you’ve known me over the past few years, you may recall that I used to do a bit of blogging but have taken a break for a while for various reasons, most of them related to work and this adorable little spawn of mathematical biologists (who happens to be turning 8 months today)


“Really, dad? Seriously?”

But, after reading some of the posts over at the recently-turned-group-blog Dynamic Ecology (@DynamicEcology), I’ve decided the hiatus is over and it’s time to start writing again!!!

To keep things more or less on topic, I’m going to do my best to keep the mathy/sciencey/academic stuff separate from posts about chasing after herps or the lastest big birding news to hit Central Ohio, etc. Those of you wishing to keep up with my birding and other recreational nature pursuits should keep an eye on my other blog, Mostly Birds.

See you soon!

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